Four Easy Steps to Fit your Dog with Dog Diapers

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Given all the different shapes and sizes of our furry friends, choosing the best size that fits your pet can be a challenge. Below are four easy steps to make sure you choose the most suitable dog diapers for your pet.

1. Determine the point you think is best for the waistband to secure to your dog. This is called the fit point.

2. Measure your pet’s waist size along the fit point

3. Measure your pet’s suitable diaper length, from fit point to fit point

4. Refer to the Paw Inspired sizing chart and choose the size that fits BOTH your pet’s diaper length and waist size.

Note: Many brands only use waist size and dog weight, yet weight will not help you with sizing.

Support: We are always here for you, so send us your pet's measurements to and we will gladly help you choose.


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