How to keep Dog Diapers on your Dog?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Some dogs are skinny, some short, some plump, some with and without a tail and all have varying personality and energy levels. It goes without saying keeping a dog diaper on your dog can sometimes be a challenge.

Tips to Keep Dog diaper on your Dog:

1. Measure carefully & choose longer Diaper Length

Most pet owners measure the waist size properly but neglect to measure the diaper length. This is One of the most common reasons for diapers sliding off the back of your dog is the diaper length not being long enough. When in doubt it is always best to choose a longer diaper length.

Please check out this video for more information on measuring your dog. (4-easy steps) Inadequate Diaper Length:

2. Dog Diaper Suspenders

Tailless breeds, energetic breeds, and other irregular shaped dogs can sometimes use some extra support in keeping on their dog diapers.

Please check out this video for more information on Paw Inspired Dog Diaper Suspenders


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