1ct Paw Inspired Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liners (47"x 24"(Midwest) with Pocket)

1ct Paw Inspired Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liners (47"x 24"(Midwest) with Pocket)

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Paw Inspired® Guinea Pig washable cage liners are one of the best options to keep your guinea pigs hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, rats, and all other small animals dry, clean, and comfortable. These comfort fleece cage liners work great as crate beddings. They are the perfect solution for your small animals. They are soft, easy to spot clean, easy to wash, and equipped with durable machine washable comfort fleece. Your small animals will love the comfortable texture and moisture wicking ability of these fleece pads. Each liner is crafted with all natural bamboo carbon fiber to help control odors while keeping a natural and safe environment. The pads also have a button system that allow you increase the size of the pads and also allows you to construct tunnels, hideouts, fun pockets, blankets, shelters etc. Your Furbabbies will love them! Try them now and see the Paw Inspired Difference. (*This product is not manufactured or Distributed by Mid-West Metal Products Company, Inc. owner of the registered trademark MidWest Homes for Pets.)

Feaures :

  • FITS PERFECT IN MIDWEST GUINEA HABITAT CAGE * : These cage liners are 47” x 24” (119 x 61 cm) which are perfect size to use as Midwest Cage Liner * for your guinea pig or other small animal. These liners are a perfect fit for most top selling 47" x 24" Guinea pig cages and small animal cages and habitats.
  • VERSITILE BUTTON SYSTEM : These liner pads are equipped with convenient buttons that allow you to attach liners together, construct tunnels, hideouts, beds, sleeping bags, pockets, etc. See product images for ideas.
  • BAMBOO CHARCOAL ODOR CONTROL: These pads use all natural bamboo carbon tissue to help control odors while keeping a natural and safe environment.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & MOISTURE WICKING: These liners are super absorbent and fast drying. Liquid is wicked away from the surface to assure your guinea pig or other small animal stays dry and comfortable.
  • DUST FREE COMFORT FLEECE: Paw Inspired washable cage liners are equipped with high quality durable comfort fleece. This fleece is specially designed for the comfort and health of your small animal. Unlike other cage liners and bedding these fleece cage liners are totally dust dree, offering the healthiest possible environment for your small animals.


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    Dale Murray

    Pads are amazing quality product

    8/8/2020, 1:43:47 AM

    We have 3 cats and our elderly cat urinates frequently near one of the litter boxes. Having these pads under each box really simplifies cleanup [there is none] and the pads wash really well in the washer. We keep a couple extra pads to make quick swaps. We are impressed with the materials and quality of these pads. For us they are a real blessing.

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