3ct Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Washable Female Dog Diaper

3ct Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Washable Female Dog Diaper

SKU: 015111
Paw Inspired® is committed in keeping pets around the world comfortable, dry, and happy. Keeping our loved ones dry and our homes clean can be a challenge. We are pleased to introduce our washable dog diapers to help all those pets in need including dogs in training, females in season, travelers, and others with various types of incontinence.

These washable diapers have a very strong and secure hold which helps conform to your pet, enhancing comfort and preventing leaks. These are great to use as an alternative or in conjunction with our top selling Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers.

Start using our products today and we guarantee you and your pet will notice the Paw Inspired difference.



Features :

  • REUSABLE Durable Machine Washable Fabric
  • HIGH QUALITY crafted with the best materials available for your pet’s incontinence needs
  • VERY STRONG and Secure Repositionable Fur Resistant Fasteners
  • SUPER ABSORBENT Core & Leak Proof Backing
  • Breathable Bottom layers
  • COMFORTABLE & SECURE FIT with Breathable Bottom Layer


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