50CT Paw Inspired Ultra Protection XL Puppy Training Pads

50CT Paw Inspired Ultra Protection XL Puppy Training Pads

Paw Inspired ® Ultra Protection Extra Large Dog & Puppy pads are one of the most absorbent puppy pads in the market. These pads are great for large dogs & puppies that require a larger surface area or higher liquid capacity.



  • Each Puppy Pad Absorbs over 6 cups of Liquid!
  • 5 Layer Super Absorbent Construction
  • Scientific puppy attractant
  • Odor Control
  • Contains Advanced DrySpeed™ Technology that instantly converts urine into gel
  • Leak Proof plastic bottom


Many Uses:

- Dog & Puppy Training & Housebreaking

- Lining Kennels & Carriers

- Ailing, Incontinent or Senior Dogs

- Dogs Home Alone

- Car Trips

- Drop Cloths & Floor Protection

- Common Leaks & Spills


Product Size: 28" X 30"



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    Dale Murray

    Pads are amazing quality product

    8/8/2020, 1:43:47 AM

    We have 3 cats and our elderly cat urinates frequently near one of the litter boxes. Having these pads under each box really simplifies cleanup [there is none] and the pads wash really well in the washer. We keep a couple extra pads to make quick swaps. We are impressed with the materials and quality of these pads. For us they are a real blessing.

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